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More Biased Opinions




More Biased Opinions are encaustic photographs also derived from the same digital file used to create Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members. The photographs were then created with basic digital darkroom techniques to portray the personal biases of the jurors that reflect the differences in background experiences. Each artwork is printed on archival Textured Rag paper. Encaustic medium layers are then applied, chiseled away, and buffed, revealing images that appear as though they were printed on leather.


Only one encaustic photograph is available for each of the six photographs in More Biased Opinions. They measure
12.5” x 14.5” and are sold individually, not as a set.


“Non-encaustic” photographs are also available, in open editions, and are printed on archival Textured Rag paper in three sizes.


            12.5” x 14.5”

            10.4” x 12”

            9.4” x 8.3”